Council Delegates Commit to Push Pay Equity in Bargaining

December 3, 2011, 2:48 PM EST

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Delegates to CAW Council unanimously endorsed a recommendation calling on staff representatives, local union leaders and bargaining committee members to make pay equity a key requirement in collective agreements across the country.

The recommendation was made by CAW President Ken Lewenza in his opening address to Council on December 2.

CAW Local 240 President Theresa Farao spoke in favour of the recommendation and shared a personal story of how winning pay equity in her workplace, CAA, has helped equalize the standards between men and women.

"Success could take years, but it's worth the fight," Farao said. Local 240 has also had successful pay equity campaigns at The Windsor Star, Beach Grove retirement home and is currently working on campaigns at Greenshield and The Bay.

"There's systemic discrimination built into our workplaces and our wages, where men are paid more than women for jobs of equal value," Farao told delegates.

Farao said that trade unionists have a responsibility to look at every single workplace to ensure all employers recognize pay equity as a priority.

The recommendation also encourages CAW members to participate in federal and provincial pay equity training opportunities. 

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