NDP Leadership Candidate Peggy Nash Urges Delegates to Rebalance Politics

December 2, 2011, 5:00 PM EST

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Federal NDP leadership candidate Peggy Nash reminded delegates of the importance of being actively involved in electoral politics as they seek to build a more equitable, just and inclusive society.

She blasted the Harper Conservatives for passing laws and establishing policy on behalf of the wealthy and the powerful.

"We've got to rebalance our Parliament and our society," Nash said, speaking at CAW Council on December 2.

While the Harper Conservatives continue to press ahead with their anti-worker agenda of cuts, instability and attacks on working people, there is much to remain hopeful about.

The inspiration of the Arab spring and the overthrow of numerous dictatorships, the growth of the Occupy Movement in North America and the election of the NDP as the official opposition in Canada are signs of growing support for progressive politics, she said.

Despite the Harper agenda to destroy the Canadian Wheat Board, to pass an Omnibus Crime bill that will put many more people in prisons instead of supporting social programs, good jobs, day care and education, and Harper's inaction on the growth of precarious, part-time jobs there is a strong alternative.

If elected NDP leader, Nash pledged to build a more positive, equal, and inclusive country.      

"In 2015 I want us to work together to be the government of Canada and to take Canada in a different direction," Nash said.

The challenge is to join together the fair minded nature of the majority of Canadians with concrete government action that will be brought forward by the NDP under Nash's leadership, she said.

Nash used cited the power of political decision and the example of the importance of the massive government shipbuilding contract won by the Halifax Irving shipyard, which will mean thousands of jobs for local shipbuilders for years.

"We can do this - we can create good quality jobs," said Nash, a top negotiator and a long-time assistant to the CAW National President before being elected NDP MP for Parkdale-High Park in Toronto.

CAW President Ken Lewenza urged delegates to wholeheartedly support Nash's bid for the leadership of the federal NDP. "In the next couple of months I think Peggy can make the difference."

Nash praised the CAW for its ongoing work on behalf of working people and their families.

"I'm so proud to be a member of the best union in the country, which improves workers lives everyday."

To find out more about Peggy, get involved in her campaign or join the NDP, please visit: www.peggynash.ca

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