Peggy Nash Launches NDP Leadership Campaign

November 2, 2011, 12:30 PM EST

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Current NDP MP and former Assistant to CAW National President Peggy Nash announced her NDP leadership bid on October 28, vowing to make jobs and the Canadian economy a focus of her campaign.

"Everyone knows the NDP has its heart in the right place," Ms. Nash told the crowd. "I can make it clear to Canadians we can manage the economy."

Nash attacked the economic priorities of Prime Minister Harper vowing that her NDP government would "make sure that our economy works to the benefit of all Canadians, not just the few at the top."

Former party leader Jack Layton appointed Nash Finance Critic in 2011 and Industry Critic in 2006.

CAW President Ken Lewenza said in a letter to local unions, staff and co-ordinators that although the CAW is no longer connected to the NDP in any official capacity, he supports Peggy and her campaign to become NDP leader. 

"Peggy is a credible, powerful voice on behalf of working people, social justice, and the environment," said Lewenza.  "I am confident that with Peggy Nash as leader of the Official Opposition, Canadians would have a better chance of resisting the damaging, unfair policies of the Harper government.  This must be our top priority."

In her campaign launch speech, Nash also discussed how her personal history led to her unifying style of leadership. "I learned how to organize, how to bring people together around the issues that mattered to them and fight for practical policies and solutions."

Nash, who is fluent in French, called the NDP leadership race a "critical moment" and a "historic opportunity for progressives from Quebec and Canada, right across this country to harness this great swelling of optimism and energy."

For more information on Peggy's campaign, to get involved or donate, please visit:

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