Engine Work Good News for Windsor

August 4, 2011, 3:30 PM EST

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Block machining for Ford's 5.0 litre engine program will get underway at the Essex Engine plant later this year along with the retooling of another machining line at the Annex plant, which will add up to 80 jobs at the Windsor, Ontario site.

CAW Local 200 President Chris Taylor said it is good news, which comes as a result of the collective agreement reached with the company in 2007 that helped secure new product for the Windsor site.

"This new block machining work along with the retooling of another CNC line at the Annex plant for additional head machining, is coming to Windsor in part because our members are highly skilled, productive and flexible and will be able to adapt to the new technology required to operate the new CNC Block line," Taylor said.

 "Adding these jobs is positive news for a work force and a city that has been extremely hard hit in recent years by the manufacturing crisis," he said.

CAW National President Ken Lewenza said although these 80 jobs are good news, the overall manufacturing sector continues to struggle across Canada because of the lack of government action to sustain and further build this important sector.

"Since 2002 Canada has lost 500,000 manufacturing jobs and they have not been recovered," said Lewenza. "Canada needs an action plan to reinvigorate its manufacturing sector."

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