NDP Leader Jack Layton Pledges Support for Stronger Pensions

May 17, 2011, 3:55 PM EST

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Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton was treated to a hero's welcome as he arrived to address the CLC Convention on May 11.

As leader of the Official Opposition, Layton took the opportunity to thank delegates for their support and hard work in their ridings across the country. Over 4 million Canadians voted for the NDP, sending a record number of 103 NDP Members of Parliament to the House of Commons. In voting NDP, Layton said that these Canadians voted to improve public health care and keep it public and to put hard working families ahead of corporate interests.

"Our message struck a chord with hard working Canadians who are looking for action right now," said Layton. "Stephen Harper is alone in ignoring this looming pension crisis. In this country there are seniors who must make the choice between paying their rent or their grocery bill. I believe seniors have earned the right to live in respect and dignity in their retirement."

Layton said that the response from provinces on strengthening the CPP was overwhelmingly positive and that there should be no excuse for failing to change the legislation that could increase both employer and worker contributions to the plan.

"Stephen Harper is facing the largest and most united opposition in 13 years," said Layton. "We're an opposition that knows where we stand. We will fight every day for Canadian jobs and Canadian pensions."

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