CLC Convention to Focus on Benefits of Strong Unions, Reframing Public Debate

May 9, 2011, 9:25 AM EST

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In a time when unions and union members have been subject to contempt by politicians and editorialists alike, the Canadian Labour Congress is sounding the call to action at its 26th Constitutional Convention. The event will centre on how organized labour can better convey the importance of strong unions and union density to all Canadians, both union members and non.

The Convention, starting Monday, May 9, 2011 and running until May 13 downtown Vancouver, will be attended by 2,600 delegates and guests.

From the CLC:

"Unions do make a difference in people's lives and this convention is all about finding better ways to get that message out.

There is a union advantage in wages, benefits, pensions and safer workplaces that we negotiate for our members. But all Canadians, not just union members, benefit from strong unions. We push for government policies that will assist in creating good, family-supporting jobs. We advocate for improved Employment Insurance, we defend valuable public services such as medicare, and our campaign to improve the CPP/QPP will benefit all workers when they retire. There are powerful forces that oppose us and too often they frame the public debate.

We have to do a better job of convincing Canadians that ours is a better way. This convention will focus on how we can work harder and smarter, using every available means of communication to tell our story. It's going to be an exciting week."

For more information on the Convention, or to follow along, please visit:

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