CAW Urges Improvements to Public Health Care, Celebrates Nurses Week

May 5, 2011, 3:20 PM EST

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In honour of National Nurses Week, May 9-13 2011, CAW President Ken Lewenza commended the important contributions of nurses and all other health care workers in their efforts to enhance and preserve the well-being of Canadians in the nation's publicly funded, universal health care system. 

"If we have learned anything from this recent economic crisis, it's that the medicare system and other public programs are crucial to the good of the country," said Lewenza. He said that the union commits to doing whatever it can to ensure that it's working for all Canadians, including fighting to expand the scope of the Canada Health Act to cover pharmacare, home care and long-term care, and resisting the corporate-driven notion that health care is not sustainable.

"What is not sustainable is the greed of pharmaceutical companies and others that would profit from those who are ill and defenseless," said Lewenza.

Lewenza recommitted his support on behalf of the 200,000 CAW members across the country to improving working conditions for those who provide care, and to resisting short-sighted demands for compensation freezes for health care workers.  "Enhancing their working conditions will directly benefit everyone who is touched by our health care system."

CAW represents 27,000 health care workers across the country, including 5,000 practical nurses. 

For more information on the health care workers represented by the CAW, or to watch the CAW's health care workers video, please visit: 

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