Solidarity 'We Are One' Rally in British Columbia

April 4, 2011, 4:20 PM EST

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More than 2,000 Canadian and American trade unionists gathered at the Peace Arch in British Columbia on Saturday, April 2 to protest union busting legislation like that in Wisconsin and other U.S. states.

CAW Local 111 bus drivers operated 14 buses on a volunteer basis, making sure that participants could get to the event. CAW members attended from Victoria and Nanaimo, British Columbia coming over on the ferry to show their solidarity.

"CAW locals from Vancouver Island to the Lower Mainland showed there enthusiastic support to the U.S. trade unionists" said BC Area Director Susan Spratt.

"We all understand that it is not far fetched to believe that many provincial governments and certainly the Harper Conservative government would love to do to workers in Canada what they have done to workers in many states by taking away hard won rights such as free collective bargaining," Spratt said.

"Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has already started by taking away transit workers rights in Toronto by having them deemed essential," she said.

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