National Childcare Policy a Must for Economic Prosperity, YWCA Study Shows

March 9, 2011, 10:20 AM EST

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A national childcare policy is a priority if Canada's economic prosperity is to grow, a new report shows.

The report, titled "Educated, Employed and Equal - The Economic Prosperity Case for National Child Care," is a YWCA Canada study released March 7.

Women will be prevented from fully participating in the workforce because of the lack of accessible, affordable childcare, the report indicates. YWCA CEO Paulette Senior said the current system ignores the progress women have made in education and employment over 30 years.

The federal government "is acting as if women are still at home" instead of providing support for working mothers," Senior recently told Canadian Press. "Unless the government moves now, this gap will actually impact Canada's ability to move forward in terms of prosperity."

Julie White, CAW director of women's programs, said the YWCA report once again identifies child care in Canada as an inadequate patchwork of services. "Stephen Harper and his Conservative government continue to deny that Canadian families require real child care for our kids," White said.

"The reality is that not investing in a good child care system is bad economics and Canada should follow the lead of other countries like Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, England and yes even the United States who invest more per capita in early childhood development services than Canada does," she said.
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